John b lacson colleges foundation bacolod tuition fees

By | April 10, 2017

John b lacson colleges foundation bacolod tuition fees

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Bachelor’s degree ₱ 46,000-60,000 per year

ONE-YEAR SEAFARER: Catering/Stewarding

The program in SEAFARER: Catering/Stewarding was created and structured on actual preparation for a job on board vessel. This course consists of hotel and restaurant operations for passenger ship, cargo and tanker.

The curriculum for SEAFARER: Catering/Stewarding focuses on culinary arts and stewarding which include food preparations and services, catering management, bar tendering, housekeeping, seamanship, safety and emergency procedures.

A 320-hour practical experience in a reputable organization which includes at least 55 hours practical experience on board sea going vessels or training vessels is designed to provide the students experience and exposure to the real scenario of their work and the workplace.

» Specifying the program aims to:
1. produce competent graduates qualified to meet the demands of the hospitality industry both for local and international hotel and shipping businesses;
2. inculcate the understanding of the importance of good customer service skills;
3. develop skills that are relevant to the demands of the labor market in hospitality/cruise ship management and prepare them for global competitiveness;
4. provide training that will enhance the students’ professional growth and development; and
5. develop seafarers with desirable training and instruction on Basic Safety in accordance with the STCW Code.

John b lacson colleges foundation bacolod tuition fees


» Graduates can be a:
1. Ship Cook/Head Cook
2. Bartender
3. Bar Assistant
4. Dining Room Personnel on board vessel, hotel or restaurant
5. Assistant Cook
6. Kitchen Staff
7. Cabin Steward/Stewardess
8. Kitchen Steward
9. Food Server / Attendant