Marinduque State College Sta. Cruz Campus enrollment 2017

By | April 28, 2017

Marinduque State College Sta. Cruz Campus enrollment 2017

Within the College

Cross – enrollment within the College may be permitted to students provided the subject/descriptive title and course description are the same with that of his School and if it has equal or greater credit units. Permit for cross-enrollment within the College must be secured from the Office of the Registrar.


Outside the College

Cross -enrollment outside the College may also be allowed only for meritorious reasons such as to allow him to graduate, to allow him to make up for the course deficiency in order to regain regular academic standing. Major subjects are not allowed to be cross – enrolled. The concerned student must see the Registrar for the permit for cross – enrollment. The Registrar shall give no credit for the subject/s taken by a student in any college or university if the enrollment is not permitted.

Before the cross-enrollment, whether within or outside the College, the student should finish first his registration in the School where he is primarily enrolled. The total number of units should not exceed the maximum units allowed for the term.

 Marinduque State College Sta. Cruz Campus enrollment 2017


Request to Shift/Change Course

Ideally, a student is discouraged to shift or change his course. However, approval is granted on a case-to-case basis. The concerned student has to write a letter addressed to the Dean expressing his reasons as to why he wants to shift/change his course. The student concerned and his parents sign in the letter. The Dean approves the request that will be presented to the accepting Dean. The Registrar will have to be provided with a copy of the approved letter of request for record purposes.


Transfer Credential

Any student who is free from financial or property responsibilities with the College may be granted Transfer Credential. Admission requirements must be completed first before the issuance of any student record.